Living Uptown vs. Downtown Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest city and North America’s fifth most populous municipality with a population of 2.7 million people. When discussing with the mortgage broker to choose between downtown and uptown area in Toronto, do note that both have their Pros, and Cons, people’s choices in this regards cannot be universal, it will depend on individual preferences.


So, which is one do you prefer – downtown or uptown in your real estate e-commerce deal? What are the pros and cons of living in Toronto and commuting from the downtown or uptown? The difference between the two areas boils down to three things based significantly on personal preference: Money, Time and Lifestyle. Indeed, although rents get cheaper the further you get away from downtown, the travel costs and travel time offset any savings.


If you often wondered if you should find an apartment in the downtown district or the uptown area to move into a new apartment the following are Pros and Cons will guide you in your decision and sustain your wealth management desire.



There is up/down effect of moving back and forth between your home and workplace depending on where you live, especially if you are wealth management conscious.

  • If you chose downtown, you are living where you work. The Pro is you won’t spend so much on commuting. However, living far away from downtown has its cons regarding transport fare.
  • Residing in the uptown location means you have to spend more on transport because you are far away from your place of work. The extra cost of commuting will add up to your overall expenses every day.



Business attracts traffic; while this is good in real estate e-commerce, you should be concerned about its pros and cons. residing in commercial district draws hundreds of people per minutes both night and day but how is living in such area affects you?

  • Living in the downtown area is disadvantageous in term of people as it brings you neck to neck with constant traffic. Although your way home from the office is a walk away, however, the busy nature of the area brings lots of traffic around the residential area of the community.
  • You will benefit from less traffic by living in the uptown area; the traffic is predictable, so stay alert when discussing with the mortgage broker!



Who likes noise? Unless you are in a job that demands to stay close to a noise source, I doubt if you would prefer a noisy environment to a quiet one.

  • The location of different businesses in the downtown area naturally attracts noise pollution. Businesses playing music, promoting shows and other commercial activities can lead to high noise pollution, unlike in off downtown area.
  • People coming home to relax and prepare for another workday will not constitute a disturbance unto others. If you desire a quiet place to live, one significant advantage of renting the uptown property is that there is no noise!



If you are aversed to high-cost rent, you need to understand the difference between downtown and uptown apartment.

  • Costs in various shades and shapes are major Cons of renting an apartment in the downtown area. You can pay 2-3 times what you pay uptown. If this bothers you, consider other Pros and Cons to choosing wisely when dealing with mortgage broker.
  • Apartment rental in this area enjoys a low-cost advantage. There are hardly outrageous extra charges to pay for your apartment.


There are different reasons to choose a rental apartment it could be cost saving or relaxation. Whatever is yours, consider multiple favorable factors before you decide.

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