How To: Stay Cool At Home In The Summer

Your mortgage broker can bargain the best home price for you, but there are conditions in the house he cannot help you with. Although we all look forward to the coming of summer, your mortgage broker may use an excellent summer location as a reason to buy a property, but he may not be helpful in solving the severe heat problem of the season!


Excessive summer heat causes many to sweat uncontrollably that we wish to prevent it. And yes, you can avoid summer heat and keep your home cool for a comfortable living. Knowing the economic impact of using the AC makes seeking a cool home without air conditioner a top priority. Summer without AC may sound impractical, but it is true, you can do it!


The following natural heat remedy will help you to survive summer heat:


  1. Use the fan. To keep your home cool during summer blazing sun, make sure to keep indoor air in good circulation. You can make use of the fan to have a consistent air circulation. Unlike the AC, fan is a low cost option to aerate your home and keep the air circulating for more fresh air.

Lower the greenhouse effect. Sunlight carries enormous heat. It is best to keep sun rays out of your home by keeping the curtains down, shut the blinds and keep the windows opened. Always make sure your indoors, the bedroom and every other place in home are sunlight locked!

Use UV protective film in your windows. UV is a destructive element emitted by the sun. Make sure to prevent it from entering your home with UV protective film to filter out the UV rays and save your home from unwanted element.

Build well insulated roofing. You need to talk to your builder about building your roof to prevent summer heat. Once your mortgage broker informed you of the climatic condition of the area, use that information to prepare ahead of summer.

Build cross ventilated windows: every building location has its environmental features, your mortgage broker must be privy to some useful information about the climatic condition of your new environment, let your building design prepare for summer.

Provide for sufficient water supply system. Intense summer heat will need you to shower or bath often. It requires a good source of water to cool your body as often as possible. In your building design make sure you provide for good bathing system to cool yourself in summer.


After following the above tips, the following low-cost tips will give natural cooling options in summer:

  • Use peppermint tea mist. This tea provides better cooling option than ordinary water to cool your body temperature in the summer heat. Boil and allow it to cool; sprinkle the cool water on your body. It will give tingly and cool feeling and make you comfortable.
  • Chrysanthemum tea. This natural heat remedy tea helps to keep your body temperature down. Prepare and drink the tea hot or cold and see its incredible effect on your body temperature.


When you are discussing your accommodation with a mortgage broker, be patient to get as much information as possible beyond price and cost issues. Such information about the weather in the area will help you prepare ahead of what to come.


If your area is prone to nasty summer heat, use some of the tips above to beat the heat.

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